Date: January 26th 2012

Hello friends,

We are officially open on the weekends. I originally posted that we would be open on Sundays, but with the Giants in the Super Bowl I thought it wiser to hold off on Sundays. However Sundays will be available for groups or parties when reserved in advance. I have had a few request for a special menu for lunch, so I put together a gourmet sandwich & salad menu, which we will put into use in the Spring. I will post it on our web site shortly so you may view it. We are doing bring your own wine on Fridays & Saturdays in the winter. We just ask that if you do bring your own wine that you do not combine that promotion with any other, thanks for understanding. It has been a great Winter thus far, unless of course you are a skier like myself. I hope everyone is well and before you know it Spring will be here. That is all for now, I look forward to seeing you.

God bless,


Civile's Venice on the Hudson
16 Front Street
Haverstraw, NY 10927

(845) 429-3891

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